Jim Salem - Testimonials

Jim is the best realtor I have ever worked with.

Because of Jim's good advice on timing, staging, and positioning our home for sale, we received 8 offers within just a few days of listing and were able to negotiate a sale well over listing price. Jim consistently provided good advice and service throughout the entire process, and on top of that, he was super easy to work with. I heartily recommend him!

Eric Altman

"I’ve known Jim for over ten years.

I’ve never had the need to use his services though until recently. My husband and I had lived in our home for nearly twelve years when we decided it was time to move out. On the advice of Jim, the house was listed a couple of days before Superbowl Sunday and had the Open House the day before Superbowl Sunday. He also advised doing several other things which seemed counter-intuitive but about a month and a half after we acquired his services, Escrow closed. If you are looking for a no nonsense professional realtor who says it like it is and get your house sold quickly and at a price you’re happy with, you will want to acquire the services of Jim Salem with First Team Real Estate!"

Hercules Real

Jim is hands down the best real estate agent I've ever known.

I'm in a related field so I know plenty of good agents or brokers that could have assisted him with selling my condo and buying a new house but the first and only name that came to mind was Jim. He was able to masterfully negotiate the purchase of our dream home and also sell our condo (lighting fast) at the same time!!! There was moments when I thought we couldn't pull it off but Jim held steady and got it done!!! Jim should be the first (and only) agent you call!!

Christian and Bonnie Vasquez

Jim always handles my transactions professionally and quickly.

It is a pleasure to do business with him.

Louis and Barbara Bacca

Jim gets the job done right.

David and Karole Rhodes

Jim was phenomenal, very attentive and helped us tremendously with purchasing our first home.

Steven D. Looney Jr. Kari L Cronin

I owned my home in Anaheim Hills for 32 years and for probably the last 25, Jim's been hanging his note pads and refrigerator calendars on my front door.

 I knew that anyone who had lasted in the market that long had to know what he was doing.  And he did! 


I thought Jim was great and knew what he was doing at all times.

I was not happy with the sale amount but that was not Jim's fault. I blame myself if anyone. I would use Jim and First Team in the future for sure.

Derek Stanlfield

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